4 Items for a Better Sleep Environment

How well do you sleep at night? 

Though most of us aim to get the recommended eight hours of rest, it isn’t always quite so simple. There are times we may feel anxious or out of sorts. Or, maybe our bedrooms aren’t the beacons of calm we’ve been wanting them to be.

The good news is this: At Kyle & Bryce, we believe you can cultivate your ideal sleep environment. We believe you can sleep better by taking measures to control the temperature, light, sound, feel, and even the smell of your bedroom.

Here are four products that will help you do just that:

  • Blackout roller shades

Our seamless blackout roller shade is designed to keep light out of your room—all while saving energy, blocking sound, and helping to control the temperature. Additional benefits: The fabric doesn’t rip, it’s resistant to fading, and it’ll last for years. The result is a sleek look that’s highly effective!

Available in a full range of sizes, this product offers the smooth mechanics and durable fabric you need to change your life. So, stop grappling with blinds that just don’t work, and select a custom option designed to fit your window and provide the full darkening effect you deserve.

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  • Comfortable bedsheets (coming soon)

Few things are more indulgent—more luxurious—than the perfect bedsheets. To enjoy the best possible sleep, consider using out 600-thread-count sateen solution. We’ve created an opulent set that will get you well on your way to a better night’s rest.

You heard it here first: Great sheets promote great sleep. So, aim to invest in high-quality sheets made from the materials you find most comfortable and sustainable. We’re confident your sleep quality will benefit.

  • Top-quality pillows (coming soon)

Speaking of quality, the right pillow can help you make solid headway in getting a good night’s rest. The ideal pillow depends on the type of sleeper you are, so be sure to consult this list from the National Sleep Foundation to pinpoint the style that’s right for you.

Beyond that, however, we urge you to focus on quality. Our pillows are designed to keep the head in a healthy position known as neutral alignment, and they’re available for people from all backgrounds in search of better sleep. Our high-end fabrics are simply an added bonus.

  • Aromatherapy and sleep therapy products (coming soon)

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Your bedroom plays a vital role in your overall sleep quality.

Here at Kyle & Bryce, our goal is to help people achieve a better night’s sleep by making them feel great in their bedrooms. And to feel great, you may need to engage the senses a little bit. This is where aromatherapy and sound therapy products come in.

Our diffusers are solid options because consumers can fill them with their favorite essential oils, many of which offer relief from anxiety and other beneficial properties.

Sleep therapy, meanwhile, allows consumers to control the sound in their bedroom. Our white-noise sound machines are designed to engage the mind, reduce agitation, and encourage great rest. For the best results, we’ve developed different calming sounds and volume settings.

Another key factor in getting a good night’s sleep? A minimalist décor.

While we’ve all experienced clutter in the bedroom, keeping a serene space can work wonders in building a better sleep environment.

Ultimately, with our second-to-none customer service and cutting-edge products, our team is well-equipped to help you create your dream sleep space. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority here at Kyle & Bryce, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.